2017 Nationals

Congratulations to the Nowra Waterdragons club! Everyone who trains with us, volunteers at regattas for us, and cheers us on have played a role in the wonderful success at the 2017 National Titles held at Wodonga in April. Thanks to the great input from our coaches, the commitment of our paddlers and the tenacity of our teams in the heat of competition, we performed above and beyond all reasonable expectations! We can now provide a complete list of our podium results at this year’s Nationals.

Mixed senior B (standard boat) – 2000m – Gold

Women’s senior B (small boat) – 1000m – Gold

Open senior B (small boat) – 1000m – Gold 

Open senior B (small boat) – 500m – Gold

Mixed senior B (standard boat) – 500m – Silver

Mixed senior B (standard boat) – 200m – Bronze

An outstanding result for a small club with a big heart!

(More photos, videos, and comments to come later).


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